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Residential and Commercial Buildings Architectural Design by Best Architectural Design Company.
We, at Executive Design Planners, are an Architectural Design and Consulting Firm working primarily in Accra city and Togo. We have been striving to build uniquely designed residential buildings and commercial centers, which add to the architectural beauty of the city. With our distinctive and novel design concepts, we are always one step ahead of others. At our company, we understand that developing an architectural masterpiece is never an easy task. Hence, we have gathered some of the best architects from around the world in our team. We believe that client satisfaction and a healthy relationship built on mutual trust are the foundations of a project. Our team assesses client needs at every step throughout the project in order to evaluate our services.

Architectural Design & Consulting

A piece of architecture is an amalgamation of art and beauty. It requires that the architect understands the client’s needs and delivers accordingly.

There are two attributes that define an architectural design project. The best architectural services companies in Accra must consider these attributes:-

  1. The Building Type: The building type refers to the number of floors in a house, its width, height, etc.
  2. The Architectural Style: Architectural style refers to, for example, the column designs and patterns. In human history, many architectural styles have evolved, influenced by some of the greatest civilizations like Greek, Roman, and Ottoman.

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Best Architectural Design Company in Accra
Before starting the project, our company arranges a set of meetings with clients. The agenda of the meetings is to determine client expectations and the type of features they want in the house.

Modern style architectural design services
Our company has a vast experience in modernist style architectural design. It seeks to incorporate the latest technology in building styles and is the style most commonly used for commercial buildings in the 21st century. It does not use traditional ornamentation as in the older styles of architecture. It uses an asymmetric approach. Brutalism is an offshoot of the modernist architecture style. The basic concept is to utilize as much space as possible. Pathways usually surround the buildings. As a company that cares about its clients, we try to incorporate modern concepts in the buildings we design. A Brutalize building does not follow any particular pattern and tends to give a rough look. The building can be narrow at the base and wider towards the top. The overall look of the building is plain and sandy.

Use architectural innovation concepts
Our company is following the latest trends in architectural styles. We are designing public spaces within apartment buildings, to give a more social and sharing environment to the people. We also keep an eye out for future possibilities in architectural innovation. For example, a sky rise building out of timber or an indoor park. Our designs keep the needs of disabled persons in mind as well. We continuously strive to design innovative buildings instrumental for social change.

Best & Affordable Consulting Services: Focus on green building practices
We also integrate green building practices in our architectural designs. Our company provides the best consulting on environment-friendly construction in Accra. Our company’s emphasis during the last few years has been sustainable architecture. Through sustainable architecture, we strive to reduce the adverse effects of construction on the environment, by taking caution in the choice of materials and saving the natural habitat. A building based on the concept of sustainable or green architecture also seeks to be more energy-efficient, using solar or wind power where possible. The company also looks for ways to maximize the space in a building available to the clients.

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